Home Learning Plan

THE PARK COLLEGE                                                                                                                                                                                                                       COVID 19 Home Learning Plan

We offer immediate remote education if:

  • • any student needs to self-isolate when the rest of the college is still open
    • a student’s family needs them to learn from home due to risks related to COVID 19
    • if the college were directed to close.

Remote learning is provided on the first day of absence.                                                                                                                                                                    When teaching remotely we:

  • • plan a programme matched to the teaching students would receive in college
    • teach a planned and sequenced curriculum based on our programmes
    • suggest a weekly timetable to help structure learning at home
    • match approaches for home to those we use at college wherever possible
    • provide highly personalised programmes matched to each student’s needs
    • provide a learning programme matched to the targets in each student’s Learning For Life Plan
    • include regular, planned contact between staff, families and students
    • provide a balance of practical resources and materials online
    • provide a balanced programme with a range of lessons and practical activities
    • monitor student engagement through welfare calls and respond to these accordingly
    • monitor student progress through conversations with families focusing on progress towards
    targets in the Learning for Life Plan
    • monitor progress by reviewing completed work if appropriate
    • adjust the pace or difficulty of what’s being taught in response to feedback from families and
    • avoid an over-reliance on activities that can be too demanding for our students and their families
    • support families with access to technology, including laptops and internet access
    • use Microsoft Teams to work with individual students and their families
    • work with individual families to find the approach that suits them and the student best.

We include: 

  • • online teaching activities and videos
    • Home learning newsletters sharing quality online resources and enrichment activities
    • Resource packs including materials and resources linked to each student’s special interests
    • all the resources each student needs
    • weekly feedback on progress made
    • regular meetings through Teams for students and families who need it.