The Park College Accessibility Plan & Policy

Our Vision

Our vision and mission statement is to:

  • help young people with autism to prepare for independent adult life
  • teach employment skills and to support students into work at the end of the course
  • support students to realise their potential to work and to live independently
  • encourage students to make informed choices and decisions about things that are important in their lives
  • prepare young people with autism to move on to the next step in their independent adult lives.

The Park College’s Accessibility Statement complies with the Equality Act 2010.

Access to Premises and Facilities

The Park College provides an enabling environment with accessible facilities and resources. The college is housed in a Grade 2 listed building so lifts and ramps cannot be installed. Planning was granted for one lift for public access to the lower ground floor public café space.

We are mindful that equality means respecting diversity, not treating everyone the same but according to their individual needs in order for them to be fully involved in college and community life. Access, facilities and resources at The Park College are regularly assessed and updated where necessary in response to our students’ needs.

Access to the Curriculum

All students have an individual learning plan which includes the personal targets and objectives they need to achieve in order to reach their chosen destination at the end of their course. Core skills identified in Education, Health and Care Plans are delivered through their Individual Study Programmes and focus on addressing the needs of young people with autism. Study Programmes are differentiated to meet the needs of each student.

More information about our programmes can be found on our website: Training Programmes

Access to Information, Advice and Careers Guidance

Information, advice and guidance supports equality and diversity. We provide effective, accessible and appropriate information at college and on our website. All documents can be requested in a range of languages. Symbol rich documents are also available.

Our work coaches offer appropriate advice to all students. We provide training and support to both work placement and prospective employers on how to effectively work with and manage employees with autism and/or special educational needs.