Our Vision

The Park College is a Specialist Day College in Southwark for young people, aged 19-25, with autism and/or moderate learning difficulties.

  • We help young people with autism to prepare for independent adult life.
  • We teach employment skills and support students into work at the end of the course.
  • We support students to realise their potential to work and to live independently.
  • We encourage students to make informed choices and decisions about things that are important in their lives.
  • We prepare young people with autism to move on to the next step in their independent adult lives.

Our vision is to enable young people with autism to develop their full potential in adult life.


Students attending The Park College would not normally be able to access mainstream college provision.

Admission to The Park College is dependent on:

  • students being aged between 19 and 25 years of age
  • a diagnosis of autism and/or with a range of additional needs including moderate learning difficulties.
  • Students being able to work above Entry level 3 or towards Level 1/2 qualifications in a range of subjects including English and maths
  • clear identification of outcomes in accordance with the young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • confirmation that The Park College can meet the needs identified in the EHCP
  • confirmation that the college curriculum and study programme will support outcomes identified in the EHCP
  • successful application for funding via the young person’s home local authority

The college is housed in a grade 2 listed building. Lifts or ramps for access cannot be installed.


Any agency or advocate may make an application on behalf of a young person, with the agreement of that individual and/or their parents/primary carer. Young people are welcome to make their own application.

See the contact details section at the end of this policy.

  • Contact us to arrange a visit. We recommend that you visit us 9 to 12 months before you wish to join the college to give enough time for the application to be processed.
  • After the visit, if you think this may be the right college for you, complete an application form.
  • We will review the application and decide if we can offer an assessment. We will need time to complete an assessment and request any relevant supporting information
  • As part of the assessment process, we may visit your current school or place of study. This is to establish your level of ability and needs.
  • We will look at information from any previous place of study and any professionals who have worked with you.
  • Assessment will be undertaken by a multidisciplinary team.
  • Individual risk assessments will be completed to make sure your needs can be met safely in college, on work placements and in the wider community.
  • If The Park College can meet your needs, we will write to you and offer you a place within 6 weeks of receiving your application.
  • If we don’t think the park College can meet your needs we will contact you within six weeks and we explain why.
  • The offer of a place at The Park College is dependent on agreement from your Local Authority to fund the placement. They will consult with us directly as part of your EHCP annual review.
  • Once funding is confirmed, we will work with you to provide an individual study programme which will support and promote your learning. This will be informed by your views, hopes, aspirations and the work experience opportunities the college offers.
  • We will send you an induction pack before you are due to start which tells you everything you need to know about coming to The Park College.
Contact Details

Telephone: 07851 762 736
Write: The Park College, Bishops House, 5 Kennington Park Place, London SE11 4AS

Further Information
  • Due regard will be paid to equal opportunities.
  • This policy is reviewed and updated annually line with legislation and regulatory guidelines.

Any offer of a place at The Park College is subject to obtaining funding and students and parents/carers signing to accept The Park College