Induction Policy

The Park College is a community made up of students, parents, staff and trustees, working together.

Our Vision
  • help young people with autism to prepare for independent adult life
  • teach employment skills and to support students into work at the end of the course
  • support students to realise their potential to work and to live independently
  • encourage students to make informed choices and decisions about things that are important in their lives
  • prepare young people with autism to move on to the next step in their independent adult lives

 Our induction programme for new staff is designed to enable staff to become an effective contributing member of the college community.

Our aim
  • make new staff welcome, included and supported
  • make new staff aware of the college’s aims and ethos
  • provide staff with a sound understanding of the needs of students with ASD and provide strategies to ensure each student individually achieves the core aims of the college
  • develop the knowledge and skills of new staff to provide job satisfaction, motivation and quality training experiences for all students.
  • provide the opportunities for new staff to be informed of college procedures and developments
  • enable new staff to engage effectively with planning, preparation and effective teaching so that students progress.
  • enable new staff to be confident in asking for and receiving help
  • all staff to build confidence and expertise in working with our students and for their particular areas of responsibility.

The Park College is committed to the ongoing support of its staff. Staff are supported by the Principal and Directors. All staff are assured of the support and availability of all members of the Leadership Team for encouragement and problem solving.

Our induction programme is not static and develops to meet the changing needs of our students and the college.