Letter from Nina Dohel -Director of Education 

Message sent on behalf of Nina Dohel, Director of Education

Her Majesty The Queen

It is with sadness that we received the news about Her Majesty The Queen.  As we enter a period of national mourning, Spa will remain open as normal throughout this period.  

If your child is upset by the news, the charity MINDED ( is a source of information to support children and young people to manage death and loss.

Do speak to someone in the leadership team if you have any questions or concerns.

A helping Hand

For advice and organisations to help you, and your family save money, and listings of cheap or free activities - click here 

Child Mental Health 

Tips for Parents and Carers 


Southwark have set up a helpline for residents and parents to call to access free digital skills training on 03333 444 019 (option 1).  



English Functional Skills:  

Maths – functional skills  

I.C.T functional skills 

Preparation for Work