Internal Work Experience 

We have a range of in house work experiences that our students take part in. These help students learn practical work skills and builds their confidence to be ready for external work experience. Students also learn skills they can use in their daily lives. 


Students take part in weekly healthy living sessions at college. At least once a week, students help prepare a healthy meal for the college. Students learn about nutritious foods, research recipes they would like to make and help out with the plating and cleaning of the kitchen. On Monday's students prepare a healthy soup of the week, and on Fridays students each get to pick a recipe (weekly) and prepare the meal together. 


Students take part in laundry sessions at college. Students are responsible for placing items in the washing machine, and helping to hang the items onto drying racks or the tumble dryer. Students then neatly tidy away items such as coffee shop uniforms and aprons away in their respective areas. When events are held at college, students help with the ironing and folding of table cloths. 


Students help to look after the college garden. They help to water the planters which are filled with either flowers, herbs or plants. Students are also responsible for removing weeds around the college grounds, planting new herbs and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and mints.